Telephone Systems

For any organisation, an adequate telephone system is an essential, and often expensive requirement.

RRA Services Ltd can supply both standard “analogue” telephone lines (be sure to read our news post regarding the future of these lines) and state of the art, completely unified communications systems both of which are sure to save you money.

Our software based PBX allows you to save on your phone bills and eliminate interoffice call charges.

We connect you to your remote branches and allow remote workers to use their extension wherever they are – whether in the office or not. We’ve more than halved the quarterly spending of the businesses we supply to, whilst providing a better, more intuitive, efficient and versatile service. Keep reading to see just some of the benefits that RRA Services Ltd can offer you

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Unified Communication

Offering a variety of fully included and integrated communications features, you can have state of the art connectivity wherever you are, across multiple platforms and via different mediums, at no extra cost. Our telephone systems work across android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac, with features like web based video conferencing, corporate chat, screensharing and much to allow your business to run as efficiently as possible.

Fully Integrated Systems

All our systems work seamlessly in conjunction with each other, allowing you to work just as efficiently on a computer or when youre out an about on your phone. Make and receive calls, join web meetings and video calls, schedule conferences, transfer calls and much more, all from your phone or computer.

On-Premise or In the Cloud

With a choice of an on-premise or a cloud stored PBX, you can choose the exact system to work best for your business.

Incredibly Cost Effective

We save all of our clients hundreds of pounds every quarter. One of our clients was paying £458.00 per quarter before call charges, after we RRA Service Ltd took over the lines and installed a new PBX their next quarterly bill was £251.00 including call charges! and we increased the number of concurrent calls from 2 to 3. We also charge on a per-second basis instead of a per-minute one, saving you money on every call.

SIP Trunk Technology

We take full advantage of SIP trunk technology to give you lower call charges, significantly reduced line and DID rental fees and the ability to easily add new lines without the long delays that normally come from having additional lines installed.

Softphones and Smartphone

With softphones for Windows and Mac, and clients for Android and iOS smartphones, everyone in your network can be seamlessly connected. Communication need not be restricted – our systems work wherever you are, giving you and your employees the ability to stay connected whether at home or abroad, all for no additional cost.

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