Business Continuity
and Backup

“90% of businesses which suffer data loss as a result of a disaster are forced to close within two years.”

London Chamber of Commerce

In today’s world we are all so very dependent on computer systems to assist with our daily work and contact with others, to the point that if systems become unavailable, it can be difficult to proceed with the tasks of the day or education let alone the management of the organisation.

One of the biggest expenses for most organisations is staffing costs and when staff are unable to work due to the loss of computer systems, the cost of non-productive time can be very expensive. When computer systems go wrong, it can take days for systems to become operational again and during such periods, huge amounts of money and valuable work or lesson time can be lost.

When such disasters occur, how can productivity and communication continue? RRA Services can massively improve the restoration of data process, reducing non-operational periods to only a matter of hours. We can also remove the need to re-install operating systems or reconfigure computer systems after new server installation.

RRA offer an easy solution to what has previously been worrying, time-consuming and costly processes; we continually back up your systems and in the event of system failure deliver a temporary server to the school or business, you plug it in and carry on with your work and this, in turn, gives you time to source replacement hardware.

  • Up To Date Data:

    Your data is backed up nightly ensuring minimal data loss

  • Quick Service Turn Around:

    We will deliver or post a new server to your school or business to be plugged in, switched on and ready to go

  • Disaster Management:
    Complete step by step managed procedure to get you up and running again
  • Temporary Hardware:

    Have the use of our temporary servers whilst replacement hardware is being sourced.

Hardware failures can strike at any time. RRA Services Ltd can help you recover from any disaster, letting you manage your systems worry free.

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