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Founded in 2003, RRA Services Ltd has always provided high quality, affordable and robust technology and telecommunication solutions to schools and businesses. 

We began by supplying networks and broadband to businesses and schools and diversified into supplying specialised classrooms via our Free the Desk service, which revolutionised the classroom space by giving teachers full control and management of the room’s computers from their desks and allowed for optimised, clutter free classrooms.

From there, the company branched out into designing and managing complex networks and infrastructures for businesses and secondary schools by removing outdated and unnecessary software and streamlining entire systems.

This service then evolved into what we have now – unrivalled broadband, filtering, telephone systems and mobile phone services, tailor made for your organisation at a fantastic price.

Our management team has over 30 years of collective experience in working for and supplying schools and businesses across the country and we can’t wait to work for you as well. Contact us to learn exactly what RRA Services Ltd can do for you!

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